mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Kunio Okawara x Earthquake/Tsunami victims in Japan

Kunio Okawara x Earthquake/Tsunami victims in Japan

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Kunio Okawara is a mechanical designer in the Japanese anime industry.
A mechanical designer is similar to a character designer, but the design is for robots, ships, and other mechanical items found in a particular show.

Okawara was the first in the industry to be specifically credited as a mechanical designer.

He designed mecha for the Gundam and Brave Series franchises, as well as those of numerous Super Robot and Real Robot shows. (The characters used for his family name are usually spoken as "Ōgawara," though he signs his works as "K.Okawara" in Romaji.)

He was born and currently lives in Inagi, Tokyo, where he works out of a studio in his home.