domenica 27 marzo 2011

guNjap personal announcement

A few days ago I have placed this image in my FB page, it means that i make a website totally mine, not more on blogspot.
I have to say thank you to Google for this support, but it is very limited.
I explain my reasons:
#1 I place many images with big size, so every year i have to pay Google to have more space.
#2 ADSense not help me to do so, and above all i have just removed ADSense cause some of my articles contains images of naked PVC Figures.

But the principal cause is that, in Blogger, my blog is NOT mine.

It's a great thing blogger, because allow every person to have a blog spending NO money, but when the blog, like this, becomes very popular, somebody can destroy all the big work i have done, with stupid segnalations.

I have imported ALL of this blog and will be redirected to my website very very soon.

I have done this blog ONLY for my personal passion, I don't sell anything, I don't ask nothing, i simply post what i like.

But now I ve decided to NOT depend to anybody.

It's all ready, stay tuned.


as usual, sorry for my hugly english ^^

i will update this blog normally, till the start of new site.