domenica 20 marzo 2011

G-Work of The Day: MG Rick Dias GHOST remodeled + W.I.P. Link

G-Work of The Day: 1/100 scale MG Rick Dias GHOST remodeled + W.I.P. Link

Modeled by Singlemedia via modelers-g

- color scheme inspired by angelo sauper's geara zulu. i wanted to try something not common, and i think it turned out okay.
- paints from tamiya, all acrylics. caution decals from wave, satellite, musha mk II and gundam unicorn.
- silvering can be seen, mark softer is indeed a gem when it comes to decal application. tsk3x.
- some parts were a bit grainy at first, so i had to repaint them.
- paint scratches during assembly.


Work In Progress: HERE

Amazing Work!!! ^^