venerdì 18 marzo 2011

1/35 FF-X7 Core Fighter, most important things to know (Review)

1/35 FF-X7 Core Fighter, most important things to know (Review)

These two parts are very small, can be placed inside when you make the transformation in Core Block. (Missed one...)

Be Carefull to place the light on the tail, here (i read is a decal) is pulled once

flaps can move side to side, nice

Notes: you can place your Core Fighter in flying mode using 1/144 action base 2

Two ways to complete it

Clear instruments panel

Or using Decals

For my advice i prefer to paint it using clear parts, and dry brushing....
Hugly Decals >___<

Where you see the red arrow, you have to cut to create seat belts, see below

Cockpit Transformation in Core Block mode

OK, cut the blue pin indicated from the red arrow to make easier the articulation as seen in the pic

Nice, really nice, a plamodel in 1/35 scale that DON'T Respect the proportions in Core Block mode. OMG.....
Have you seen the noose? >___<

anyway, to see all the images go HERE

I've placed here only the most interesting (for me ^^)
cause i have many reviews of this Core Fighter in this, ehm, in my blog ^^