domenica 23 gennaio 2011

FineMolds 1/72 X-Wing Fighter plamo (built) Large Images

FineMolds 1/72 X-Wing Fighter plamo (built) Large Images

Built/painted by azayukizz from modelers-g

from the manufacturer:

Fine Molds' new 1/72 X-Wing completely rewrites the standard for science-fiction kits. Besides looking awesome (the photos below are the actual kit, not a prototype!), the kit has the following features:

  • Wings open and close after completion
  • Landing gear can be removed and replaced after completion
  • Canopy can be completed open or closed
  • Parts included for Red 1, Red 2, Red 3, or Red 5 (Red leader, Wedge, Biggs and Luke, respectively -- the engines differ slightly!)
  • Fuselage and wings can be mated after all painting is completed!
  • Includes standing and seated pilot and droid figures, plus multiple droid heads for the fuselage - with proper painting instructions
  • Decals included for the canopy frame, both weathered and clean red wing and fuselage markings, and the droids
  • Includes display stand and boarding ladder parts, too
  • Price: 2,400 Yen