domenica 12 dicembre 2010

Newspaper: Production Begins on New Yamato Show, Film

The Nikkan Sports newspaper reported on Saturday that Shoji Nishizaki, the adopted son of the late Space Battleship Yamato producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki, hinted that he has begun production on new Yamato works including a television series and another film.

Shoji Nishizaki appeared with singer Isao Sasaki and about 400 people at a service for the late producer in Tokyo on Friday. Yoshinobu Nishizaki had passed away at the age of 75 due to a fall from a boat on November 7.

Shoji Nishizaki is the president of Enagio, the anime studio that produced last December's Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection film. Yoshinobu Nishizaki directed the film — the first new one in the space opera franchise in 26 years — and oversaw its production. According to Nikkan Sports, Shoji Nishizaki also spoke about a director's cut of Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection.

A live-action film adaptation of the franchise opened on December 1 and has earned over 1 billion yen (over US$12 million). 38-year-old SMAP band member Takuya Kimura (Howl's Moving Castle's Howl) headlines this film based on the anime classic, which was adapted as Star Blazers in English.


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