mercoledì 1 dicembre 2010

1/8 MG Figure-Rise Monkey D Luffy Scans

1/8 MG Figure-Rise Monkey D Luffy Scans - click to enlarge all images.-

Bandai 1/8 scale plastic kit "Master Grade Figurerise"
Modeled by Kentaro Hayashi

Scans from Dengeki Hobby Magazine January 2011 issue

Plamo One Piece series GOING MERRY
プラスチックキット ワンピース ゴーイングメリー号
Release date: Mid December 2010 - Price: 3,990 Yen
- Plastic model kit -
Full Lenght: 280mm
Manufacturer: Bandai
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Box Art: 1/8 MG Figurerise Monkey D Luffy with New Hi Res Images

[MG]Figure-Rise 1/8 モンキー・D・ルフィ
MG Figurerise 1/8 scale Monkey D. Luffy -One Piece-
plastic model kit
Release date: Nov 2010 - Price: 3,990 Yen
Manufacturer: Bandai
Height: 22cm