lunedì 22 novembre 2010

News from Hobby Magazines Scans Gundam related

Dengeki Hobby Magazine May 2011 Issue New Jegan ?
from Cybergundam: 電擊Hobby 2011年5月號 附送 AOZ 模型 parts
It seems Add on Advance Of Z parts?

劇場版 機動戦士ガンダム00
Gundam 00 Qan[T] Quantum Burst Mode

Gundam Harute Marute Mode

Infos for these Scans Cybergundam

Large Scans from Muso&Folder


The last image is: SAKIBURE

It's a random MS called the "Sakibure" seen in space alongside the starship Sumeragi in the timeskip. The timeskip 00 Qan[T] looks much the same except for some extra wings and color-shifting ability courtesy of ELS. (via boards.4chan)
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