mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

MikuMikuDance Sofware Now Supports Nvidia 3D Vision

The Japanese arm of the graphics processor maker Nvidia announced on its official Twitter account on Monday that the MikuMikuDance software now supports its 3D Vision setup. MikuMikuDance is Yū Higuchi's free program that enables users to create dancing videos of Crypton Future Media's Vocaloid virtual idol character Hatsune Miku. 3D Vision uses liquid-crystal shutter glasses and compatible hardware to display stereoscopic 3D on personal computers.

VPVP MikuMikuDance Tutorial 1/2 with English translation


VPVP MikuMikuDance Tutorial 2/2 with English translation


MikuMikuDance Ver4.03 New Release (with English support)


Original Source: via Animenewsnetwork