sabato 16 ottobre 2010

Official Sample Review: Revoltech Sci Fi No.017 Santa Jack, Big Size Images

Official Sample Review:
Revoltech Sci Fi Tokusatsu series No.017 Santa Jack (Skellington), Big Size Images
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The King of Halloween, Jack Skellington wearing a Santa Claus dress.
No.three different facial expressions
In the optional parts, included a "gift bag"
three optional hands, but is NOT included the set that comes from Revoltech Jack No.005 that u can see in this picture below.

All the components from this kit
Optional interfaces × 2, optional hands × 3, with a bearded Santa Claus hat × 1, one ornament / Christmas × 1, zero × 1, gift bag × 1, Christmas gift × 1, snowman × 1, part bone × 1, Name plate × 1

Height: 185mm

Release date: 15 Nov 2010 - Price: 2,850 Yen
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo

These images from
Tim Burton's
The Nightmare Before Christmas