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New Infos: Space Battleship Yamato The Movie - Large Promo Poster -

New Infos: Space Battleship Yamato The Movie - Large Promotional Poster -
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The first official trailer for the live action movie has been shown in Japanese TV since June 2010. The new trailer is longer and reveals several more features from the first series (1974) such as the re-designed EDF uniforms, and new EDF and Gamilas space battleships and starfighters. Also of note is the addition of elements from the second season of the TV series (which was originally broadcasted in 1978). These include Commander Hajime Saitō, his "Space Cavaliers" (Kuukanki heitai) and the final battle with the Comet Empire's Space Dreadnaught.

On September 16 the website Tokyograph. a site that translates Japanese articles about entertainment, reported that Aerosmith's Steven Tyler wrote a song, titled "Love Lives", for the movie based on an English translated script and several clips of the movie.

The song is also performed by Steven and will be released on November 24th a week before the movie is released. A preview of the song is heard in the official trailer.
It will be Steven Tyler's first solo project

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