martedì 21 settembre 2010

Scans: Extreme Gundam (Carnage Face)

I report an interesting comment from the source of the images, taken from SRW hotnews

Awesome, so this is an additional armour that Extreme Gundam can wear! I love the look of it! It really gives me that “carnage” feeling, especially the cannons! I can see Extreme Gundam’s actual arms within the armour!

Also, I believe it’s called Carnage “Phase”, not “Face”. “Face” sounds like a name of a mode that it transforms to, which it clearly doesn’t right here. So I hope that the Gundam will have more Phases to use, that are suited for different purposes, such as melee and all-rounder ones, like the Striker Packs for Strike Gundam, etc.

I hope this Gundam will be playable, and that you can equip Phases during gameplay, like the Strike Gundam! And like one of the rumours said, it would be also cool if you can customise armour too, or something like that.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

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