domenica 15 agosto 2010

Black Rock Shooter Gets Role-Playing Game (PV)

A website has opened to announce that the Black Rock Shooter franchise will be adapted into a role-playing game.

The domain is registered to Ryu's Office, the company headed by publicity producer and creative director Ryuta Konuma (Valkyria Chronicle II, Persona 3/4).

The website is running a movie which says, "In the year 2032 AD, mankind was decimated. Before she wakes up…. She becomes RPG."

The Black Rock Shooter character illustrations by the artist huke already inspired a song by the musician Ryo and an anime by director Yutaka Yamamoto (Kannagi, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuymiya, Lucky Star) and his studio Ordet.

A free "Black Rock Shooter Matsuri 2010" event just ended in Tokyo's Akihabara UDX building on Sunday.
(Via Animenewsnetwork)

check out short video preview below